Monday, November 8

RIP NU 107.5

Alas, I wasn't able to listen to NU's final hours before it officially signed-off to give way to some changes. Since I was so drained during last Saturday's event (Canon Photomarathon) plus my shift went after that.

Anyway, I still remembered how much appreciated NU's taste for music. But before that, I was so hooked with its rival LA 105.9 for its preference of Pinoy Rock and Pinoy Alternative Music. After LA vanished, I had no choice but to switch to NU 107. Since then, I appreciated its music as it evolved to a much better radio station.

I was also able to attend the NU Rock Awards last 2008 and I must say that was one of the most unforgettable events I have attended that year.

And now that one of the best radio station is gone, all I can hope (and pray) is that there would be another station out there that would satisfy my appetite for good music instead of having myself get contented with those mainstream radio stations out there.


  1. parang nakakalungkot naman pag may mga nagsasarang ganito

  2. Hay I miss NU too. I was an NU fanatic even in the LA105 days. We even considered applying as DJs way back in college.

  3. Sad...but hopefully they'll come back with a vengeance.

  4. Naka miss nga. Sana meron pa rin sill maybe not on the fm airwaves, but maybe in the bandwidth of Internet Radio.

  5. My boyfriend was crushed when he found out that NU was signing off completely. It was indeed a great loss.

  6. that's too bad... It was one of my favorite stations. Hope someone would invest and relaunch the station! Yahweh bless.


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