Tuesday, August 3

The week that was (July 25-31)

Sunday: I got up a little bit early to go online as well as edit some pictures that I took during the WWPW. I was able to choose 7 pictures and from there, I have to pick one. Then we went to church to hear mass before having our lunch as well as watched dvd. I wasn't able to get some good sleep in the afternoon so I went online at a nearby internet cafe before calling it a day. 

Monday: Got up much earlier than usual since I had to work from 7am-4pm as my morning team mates won't be able to make it. Work was really handful as I barely make it before lunch time. Good thing my team mate came at around 1pm since work was really overwhelming especially if you are all by your lonesome. After work, I went to Mc Donalds to get a bite of my favorite Quarter Pounder meal before heading home. I was supposed to take a short nap but instead, I browsed on some websites pertaining to Sagada. 

Tuesday: Work is back to normal now thanks to my team mates who were able to report to work. I did my usual morning routine then head home to rest.

Wednesday: Did some morning rituals before going to work. At the office, work was so light as I was able to browse blogs and forums. I got an sms from my wife asking me to meet her at SM Megamall. After office hours, I meet my wife there at SM Megamall ang accompanied her to settle some accounts.We had dinner at the foodcourt with a heap serving of Beef Pares.

Thursday: Did my usual morning rituals before going to the office. Work was literally light and we waited for our monthly salary to load to our respective atm. I had my luch at The Landmark for a change and ordered my favorite Sisig at Sisig Hooray. After lunch, I already received an email notification from them saying that our salary was already credited to our atm account. I got enough money to buy the necessary stuff for my camera though I wasn't able to buy the battery grip that I am planning to for the last few weeks. After office hours, I went to SM Megamall to get myself a brand new canon battery before going to Robinson's Galeria to get an 8GB SDHC memory card.

Friday: This would probably sum-up my boring work week. Work was really light. And I waited for the day to end. I meet up with my friend to borrow his CPL for my lens by lunch time before heading to The landmark again for my Sisig lunch. This time, I ordered the famous "Aling Lucing Original Sisig" and it didn't fail my expectations except for that additional cholesterol in my system. After work, I went to Robinson's Galeria to buy some pasalubong for my in-laws before finally head home. I prepared my things for the roadtrip the next day.

Saturday: Got up at around 4:30am to prepare for our Rizal-Laguna roadtrip courtesy of Pipho. I took a cab to get to our meeting place at Shell in Ortigas. I was able to meet new piphols as well as reconnect with the old ones. We left Shell at around 6pm and we got back there at around 9:30pm. I was really tired and exhausted that day but it was all worth it.


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