Friday, August 20

One more year

Last Wednesday, I signed with Grow/Greif for a one-year extension as they offered me a contract to work with them. Though they informed me that they want my contract to be extended earlier, I had to think and consider some possibilities. After at least two weeks, I made my decision to stick with them (hence, I signed the one-year contract extension) for one more year. I told my wife about my decision to stay with them but she was a bit apprehensive. Though I haven't told her my reasons why, here are some of my reasons why I decided to stay with them for another year.

1. With the current base pay I have (subject for salary review by Oct '10), It will help me somehow save enough money to help my wife with our savings for a new home.

2. This would allow me to save enough money to fund my basic camera set-up (I might be able to complete it before 2010 ends). Another lens (28-75mm f/2.8 and 11-16mm f/2.8) and additional filters would suffice plus a sturdier tripod would complete my basic set.

3. With at least 9 hours of being online in a day, I would be able to use the internet for enhancement of IT-Learning. I hope this time, the temptation of surfing non-work related sites would be reduced to at least 50%.

That's what I can think of for the moment why I opted to extend my contract with Greif. And besides, I love what I'm doing here. XD

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