Tuesday, August 24

A 4th Runner-Up finish for Ms Philippines

This morning, entire universe was hooked on TV (except for those who are at work and those who don't seem to care) to find out who would become the next Miss Universe 2010. I wasn't able to watch this over the tv but I was able to get live updates online. Though one disadvantage is that sometimes it chops-off or you can't view the live stream. What I did was to check on the forums that I'm active at and check on the latest update from time to time. First, Ms Philippines was included in the top 15 (being called at #15). Then she got included on the top 10.Then, she got included on the top 5. Then the final part which was the question and answer portion. A lot of people (including me) were disappointed with how she answered her final question and answer portion. Its a major-major no-no if you ask me. But then again, if you ask that question to almost all people, they would probably have a hard time giving a decent answer. Anyway, below is the picture on how it went.

Regardless of how she answered the final question, I'm still proud of her. At least we had a decent finish since 1999.And she is the only Asian who reached the Top 15 until the final 5 XD.

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