Monday, July 19

The week that was (July 11-17)

Sunday: I got up early to catch-up on FHM's contest. But the computer shop that I usually visit when I'm in Laguna was still closed even it was already 8am.Good thing I found another computer shop where I could go online even for two hours only. Then after lunch, we head back to Manila before I went online for another four hours. Despite the efforts, I wasn't able to secure the top 10 spot in FHM's contest as I ended up on the 20th. Too bad for me. But at least, I have 1 ticket with me for now.

Monday: At work, I did create most of the tickets in the morning before getting a little bit lazy in the afternoon.I went straight home to rest and unwind.

Tuesday: Got a little bit busy at work with 1 APAC ticket in the morning and 1 weekly report in the afternoon. No sweat. XD.After my shift, I went to Robinson's Galeria to settle my wife's broadband account as well as to try Max's chicken-all-you-can (another blog will be created for this). But I need to wait for 30 minutes before I was able to enjoy their chicken.

Wednesday: I woke-up  in the middle of the night with a bad dream on a bad weather. What could go worse than this? Then I arrived late at work because there were no enough bus going to Buendia that it took almost 30 minutes for one to come. Then, came the good news, I won 2 tickets to FHM's 100 sexiest courtesy of Hooters Philippines. I joined their contest hoping I could score some tickets for my friends. I got a PM from their GM Eric Gutierrez saying that I won 2 tickets and I have to claim them ASAP.After work, I went to Hooters near SM Mall of Asia to claim my tickets. I kinda missed hanging out at Hooters even if its only a one-time deal. Then I went straight home, hoping there would be electricity now but we still don't have power. 

Thursday: Thank God, electricity was already restored this morning. However, I'm having a hard time connecting to the internet using our Sun Broadband. Good thing commuting to the office was a breeze.I just worked my way through the day. After work, I went straight to WTC to attend FHM's 100 sexiest victory party (another blog will be created for this). Since the event ended early, I went home right away.

Friday: Got up early even if my work schedule is at 1:00pm. I tried to go online but the connection was really slow and unacceptable. Instead, I went out, go to the nearest shop to go online even for an hour. My mind was somewhere else during my shift, I don't know where. Both my mind and body doesn't cooperate with me. I just hoped that 10pm would come faster.At 10pm, I logged-out right away and took the last bus home.

Saturday: I got up at around 7am or so. I tried to go online After doing some reports I felt really bored (see previous post) . I tried to kill some time by playing Plants vs Zombies here in the office but it didn't work. My colleague texted me saying that he will be late due to floods in his place. I left the office at 10:15pm feeling hungry. I went to the nearest Mc Donalds to get some Up-sized Quarter Pounder meal to chow down while on my way home.


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