Friday, July 23

Game On! (My MOG Anniversary Party Experience)

Last Wednesday (July 21, 2010), I attended the 1st Anniversary Party of MOG (aka More on Gaming). Though it was on a short notice, I made sure to prepare my things prior to getting there.

After work, I went right away to UNO Pizzeria at San Miguel by the Bay despite unpredictable weather. I could have easily backed-out but since the event. But since there were free food and drinks, I skipped my afternoon snack and help myself in getting some of the food.

As I reach the place, I was delighted to see Ms. Dianne Sison in person for the second time around. I haven't even entered UNO Pizzeria and I was able to see her in person. She was really nice and pretty in ger get-up. I was able to have my Playboy magazine signed as well as have my picture taken with her. After that, I was able to see some of my good friends in the event before having my dinner. Food was quite ok. Not that bad though they could have added more choices. But I can't be choosy then since the event is for free. XD. 

I was able to meet Jocelyn Oxlade in person also for the nth time this year as well. Then the program proper commences. I was able to take some good shots and win some prizes as well. I made sure to have Dianne sign my Ran Calendar before going home.

Pictures to follow. XD

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