Monday, April 26

The Week that was (April 18-24)

Last week really drained all of my energy but I was able to save enough for this week

Sunday: Last Saturday's MIAS was not enough for me so I went back there for more. But before goint to WTC again, I passed by SM Megamall for the WPPP Exhibit to see if there would be any models but there were none. Instead, I've looked for some camera add-ons and see if they would fit my budget. Then went to SM Mall of Asia to check-out another carshow there. But again, there were none. Probably they have rescheduled it to a different date. Ate lunch at Ted's Lapaz Batchoy before heading to WTC to attend the carshow. We took more pictures of the models this time as we waited for 3:30pm to have our FHMs signed by Ms. Kristel Moreno. The autograph signing was not that crowded but the bouncers made some fans uncomfortable. I made sure I emptied my memory card before going home.

Monday:  Then got up from my sleep to find out that my wife was reading my notes on my cellphone which I got mad. Eventually, we talked about it before we went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up early again despite lack of sleep. Got my ID and my ATM as well though I don't like how my ID looks like.

Wednesday: Got up early for work. Then I changed the PIN on my ATM before going to office. We were in hyper-mode finishing some tickets before a lazy afternoon. Then went online again before going home and get some rest

Thursday: Got up early to go online and check my Mafia Wars. Left home a bit late but still I was able to arrive at the office early. My boss gave my my work schedule for may and I will be working for one weekend (May 1 and 2) next week. Then a lot of work comes in. Though some part of the afternoon were kinda slow, It was really work and I have my handsful.

Friday: This would be the opposite of the excitement level I had at work last Thursday. We didn't much do anything except for creating tickets and assigning them to other departments who are really experts with these. Left the office early so I could take some photos of the cars at the 19th Transport Show held at SM Megamall.It took me almost an hour to reach SM Megamall. Good thing I was able to take pictures of the cars. I went home a little bit tired but still enjoyed the day

Saturday: Got up early to edit some pictures I took a few weeks ago to avoid backlogs. Somehow I was able to finish 3 albums and I know there are a lot more pictures to check. Left home at 1:00pm to attend the Aliwan Festival 2010 (A separate entry will be written here). It was really hot that afternoon which helped me experiment on my shooting abilities. Went home that night really tired but slept late to accompany my wife in her online tasks.

The week was really tiring. I need a massage. XD

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