Monday, April 19

The week that was (April 11-17)

The previous week was really tiring. How about this week?

Sunday: I got up early again to edit some more pictures from the ones I took last January 2010. Then after hearing mass, I stayed home for a while before heading to SM Megamall to attend the Ozine Festival 2010. It didn't took me that long to reach Megamall before I started to take pictures of some of the cosplayer within and outside the venue. Too bad I forgot to charge my batteries for my camera that made me shoot only for a few hours. Then I uploaded the pics that I edited this morning and last Saturday for me to free up my photo editing chores.

Monday: Got up early for work and to avoid getting late. Went online before going home and prepared my things (DSLR included).

Tuesday: Got up early again but it was earlier than the usual (my eyes were open at 5:15am and I am unable to get back to sleep). Ate breakfast outside the office building since I didn't like the food back home. I was able to do some helpdesk work the entire morning. The afternoon was a bit relaxing. Left the building early to attend the autograph signing of Bangs Garcia (Iwa Moto wasn't able to make it due to sprain).

Wednesday: Got up early for work but ate breakfast outside for the second time since there were no food back home (There was food but I don't know who will eat it). The entire day went well despite being tired from the previous night.

Thursday: Got up early for work. Good thing I was able to have breakfast at home for me to save money for the rainy day. Received a text message from another company I've applied to a few weeks ago. Too bad I'm already employed though I must admit that they offered me to train with Microsoft at the company's expense. I got two calls for that day and I felt a little bit nervous since I haven't handling calls for more than 2 years.

Friday: Last day of the work week. Thank God I was able to work for 5 full days. But I got one more call before my shift ended. Then went online for at least an hour before going home.

Saturday: Got up early to edit some photos I took from E-Games Domination IV the previous week. Then went to WTC to take pictures of the Manila International Auto Show after 4 months of being inactive in carshows. I went home early so that I don't want my wife to worry about me that much. I really enjoyed taking picures of both cars and models but my legs were suffering from cramps (due to standing for long hours).

I got really tired on this hectic week but still, I thank God I enjoyed every minute of it.

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