Tuesday, April 20

FHM Autograph Signing April 2010: Kristel Moreno

This event coincides with the 4th day of the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) 2010. I was at WTC as early as 1pm to take pictures of the models at the said carshow. Me together with some friends went inside and walk around the area to take more photos before the autograph signing.

By 3:45pm, we went to the lobby to join other fans to have our FHMs signed by no less than Kristel Moreno herself. The place isn't that crowded and the ambiance was just right. However, the presence of bouncers in this event made some (or probably most) attendees uncomfortable. They were doing their job in ensuring security within the area but their looks were like kinda harrassing the fans once they get close to Kristel. They would really stare at you and your magazine as she (Kristel) signs up for you. One bouncer even shouted at us for placing our bags on the floor. I don't know why he did that but for me its not right. We just placed our bags on the floor for a while for us to get ready with our turn and all of a sudden he shouted at us like he wants us to go away.

But anyway, we had our FHMs signed as well as our photos taken with Kristel. She's actually nice and charming and made her fans (including me) happy since our magazines were signed. I hope that for May, there wont be anymore bouncers to agitate the fans.

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