Wednesday, February 24

Swabeng Thughts: 10 Ways on how to win a Woman's Heart

Again, I just go this in one of the forums I usually visit. ^_^. Dedicated to those who don't have any clue on how to win a woman's heart

1. If you have just come out of a relationship give yourself time to reflect on your behaviors and heal. Don’t rush into another relationship to prevent the pain and emptiness from resurfacing as rebound relationships have a high failure rate. Think about what thoughts and behaviors you need to change to get a different result next time round.

2. Never say “I will meet you there” when starting to date a woman, (except for the first “getting to know you coffee”), at the woman’s request or when there are unusual circumstances) as you will lose mega points before you even get to first base.

3. Don’t rush in and say “I love you” and be over the top with compliments, particularly in the first couple of months. Pace yourself and keep some mystery and tension. Besides, the lust you feel may vanish quickly if you suddenly realize you have nothing in common with this woman. Don’t build up a woman’s hopes and play with her heart before you know how you really feel about her.

4. Don’t play the perfect gentleman with all the romantic games of love and compliments just for sexual favors, then suddenly disappear in the morning, in a week, or in a month with no explanation or future contact. This is manipulative, cold and calculating, and a cruel way to treat women. Never play with a woman’s emotions and heart for your own selfish motives and hidden agendas.

5. Don’t take your girlfriend or partner to the movies and go to sleep during the show.

6. If you take your girlfriend or partner for breakfast or lunch, never spend a large part of the time you have together reading the paper or talking on the phone, as this will be very hurtful. Value these times and see them as opportunities for deep caring conversation. Remember, conversation is one of the main inroads to a woman’s heart.

7. If you are watching something unimportant on television, don’t throw the woman’s desire for conversation to the side for the sake of a minor television show. If it is an important program, ask her if it can wait, as you would like to finish watching the program. If it can wait, be caring enough to tell her that you will be right there for her in the ad breaks, or when the program finishes. Always acknowledge her, otherwise she will feel hurt and dismissed. If it is something urgent be prepared to sacrifice the program.

8. Whether newly dating or in a relationship do not be aloof and secretive about where you are going, or the things you are doing day to day. You do not need to share every minute detail, but if you want your relationship to last you will need to share your life and your friends with your woman so that she doesn’t feel excluded and left out in the cold.

9. Remember first impressions count when you are meeting women. Watch your body language and put your shoulders back. Be confident and real, and just relax and have fun.

10. When you are in a relationship, regularly tell your partner how gorgeous she looks. Compliment her on the things she does for you and her wonderful attributes. Do this no matter how long you have been together. These words however must come from your heart with genuine intent or it is a waste of time saying them. 

So there. Enjoy! ^_^


  1. I'm so blessed that my boyfriend of almost 5 years has done a great job in making me happy. I'll share this post of yours to him to also remind him how successful he is in helping our relationship work. :)

  2. thanks for the tips.. i'll be giving this link to my husband para mabasa nya..

  3. I think these tips are applicable to those persons who are torpe (like me). very good job. applicable to the men who wants to have a genuine and lasting relationship with girls.

  4. Oh wow! Cool tips for guys you have here Mark. Hey guys!!! Read on!

    My favourite of the 10 --- Don’t take your girlfriend or partner to the movies and go to sleep during the show. --- this one is funny and so true! It had not happened to me but oh... it happened to a few of my friends.

  5. i agree on most tips esp on complimenting...women wants to be appreciated un lng ;)

  6. This is great! Will be sharing to boyfie just in case he needs a reminder hahaha! :) except for #5 cause even i myself doze off in movies :o

  7. great advice you had here, everyman should read this but aren't you afraid that your visitor will just go away when they visit your blog it has always a warning

  8. Mukhang may pinaghugutan ito. All true. And if I may add, don't let your eyes follow another woman (or man, hahaha) while you're together. :p

  9. LOL...I am so thankful I am female...all of the above is too much work (big grin)

  10. Great advices you got, my friend!

  11. best way to win a woman's heart (for me) is to be yourself :)
    and, do the old ways hahaha like making "ligaw" of the family lol

  12. Nice one! I should give this to my ex, para he will learn something! Hehe ;)

  13. Good list. #1 and #3 are especially important. Don't enter into relationships just to "not be single".

  14. Man should impress his woman but it's
    always better to be yourself all the time.
    Once you win her heart... the REAL person
    in you will emerge.

  15. wow! I say you've mastered the art! great read!

  16. cool tips... in-love sigurado ang babae kapag nagawa mo tong lahat... hahaha. Yahweh bless.

  17. Learned a thing or two because of this post =))


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