Friday, October 23

The price to pay

I just finished watching Survivor Palau a while ago together with Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. Well its hard to keep up with two shows that I wished I had two televisions to watch two shows simultaneously.
I wasn't able to blog about last weeks tribal council since I have attended The Grand Bridal Fair and Stag Party last week at Ynares Sports Complex (I might create a separate blog about this). Prior to the tribal council a while ago, two lady cast-offs were voted out in one single night. But so much for that.
While the rest of the cast-off were off to enjoy their rewards, survivor's Shaun and Suzuki were off to look for the hidden immunity after several clues were given. Lucky for them, they were able to find the hidden immunity bracelet. But since there is only one bracelet, the one who is most vulnerable between the two will keep the bracelet. After Shaun overheard his three former Arai tribe mates (now with Sonsorol), Shaun kept the bracelet, making Suzuki more vunerable to be voted off. Even Charles warned him not to give the immunity bracelet to Shaun but it was too late.
Come tribal council, Shaun used the immunity bracelet to his advantage. After the first voting (Shaun with 3 but was not counted, Suzuki with 2 and Justine with 2), another voting commence. But unfortunately, it was Suzuki who was voted off with 3 votes against 2 votes for Justine. But before Suzuki left, he was given a red pearl to give it to a cast-off which isequivalent to 2 votes (3 votes if the pearl would be lost). And he gave it to Mika. In my observation, when Marvin was votedoff, he gave this pearl to Mika that is equal to 1 vote.
With only six cast-offs left, who would be next? Which alliance will prevail? Will it the original Arai alliance? Or the Female alliance? Stay Tuned!

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