Wednesday, September 2

Watching late night documentaries

Since I started my so-called vacation, I had this habit of watching late-night documentaries. Usually, these start after the late night news which is airs at almost midnight.And because of that, it keeps me awake until late in the morning (which talks about my plans of sleeping early at 11pm which it extends up to 2am =\ ).

These documentaries are informative in a way that it opens our eyes to the reality that most people are not aware of. Personally, I've learned a lot from watching these late night documentaries and I could advise today's youth to watch and learn from others experience and insight. 

If these documentaries could be moved to mid morning (between 9am-11am) or early evening (7pm-9pm), more people could watch instead of watching these so-called novela re-runs. Honestly, I'm learning a lot from watching these.

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