Monday, September 28

Ondoy's Aftermath

It started last Friday night with heavy rains. Then I woke-up last Saturday at past 10:30am wondering why its kinda cold. I noticed the rain hasn't stop since Friday hence I wasn't able to go out in the morning. According to news, Storm Ondoy has unleashed its wrath, not with strong winds but with heavy rains. Within 5-6 hours, Ondoy poured in rainfall equivalent to a month that turned Metro Manila and other nearby provinces to a water world (in a literal sense). Good thing our location was fine despite floods at the entrance of our village (the lowest point probably). Also we were spared from possible brownouts and water shortages but we were sad because some of my friends and relatives were badly affected by the storm (I hope they're OK now). By 5pm, heavy rains subsided and I was able to go online to check what happened.

Yesterday, I went to my fiancee's place in Manila to spend quality time with her and check if they're OK. It took me a while to reach the place though but I was surprised that more than 2 underpass were totally submerged in water (Lagusnilad and Quezon Blvd going to EspaƱa). I wanted to take some pictures of Ondoy's aftermath but due to time (and weather) constraints, I decided not to push through with it and went straight to her place. We simply spend the entire afternoon together and do important things.

I won't be putting here the entire details on how Ondoy almost drowned every Filipino's spirit. Costing 100 lives and displaced thousands but of course, there would be hope at the end of despair.

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