Monday, August 31

FHM Hunting + Unli-Chow

Since our scheduled appointment at Robinsons Galeria was canceled yesterday, we decided to go to Robinson's Place Manila instead to spend the rest of the afternoon there. 

It was me and my fiancee who went there just hanging around the mall, looking for cheap buys (btw, she prefers affordable clothes as opposed to the expensive ones). 

Then we went to booksale to get some magazines there. I was able to get a hold of FHM's 2 latest issues, the Sept 09 issue and the third installment of the ladies confession (celebrity diaries).  Everytime i buy an FHM, she gets to read it first before I do XD. She was also able to buy a hardbound book for only 35 pesos (sobra nga talaga ang kakuriputan ano po? XD). 


Then for Dinner, we settled at Chowking located at the 4th floor. I was curious with Chowking's unlichow since it offers various dishes that I mostly liked. Since she doesn't eat much, I was the one who got the unlichow. For me, it was fair enough though since I had more than enough of their pork spareribs, beef siomai, breaded fish fillet, spring rolls and their canton guisado. If I could give my feedback to their manager, they should have simply put all their menu in their buffet. that way, they would earn more. ^_^

After dinner, my taste buds craved for dessert. We just shared Dairy Queen's rocky road and spend more time before heading home. ^_^   

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