Sunday, April 10

Swabeng Thoughts: My own learning issues

After graduating college and passing the ECE Board Exam a decade and a half ago, it never crossed my mind to continue my education seriously. I thought that when I passed the board exam, I can have command of my career. When I was starting my career as an assistant instructor in a Computer College down south, I never paid attention in what are the other thing I need to learn. Instead, I just enjoyed material things that my salary has been providing me. 

I was wrong. 

A few years after that, I decided to take an IT course in the form of Cisco (CCNA) to further enhance my career. By the time I passed it seven years ago, I tried to pursue further my career in IT without considering that experience is also needed aside from certification. 

This is where I need to make an overhaul in my career. 

As of present, I'm still gainfully employed in my current company giving me more than enough to provide for my family and I was also able to save more than I could imagine. I got to invest also for the long run making sure that my family would be taken care off in the event that something happens. 

This is where another opportunity comes in. The opportunity to learn. This time, I need to learn a lot of things beyond my field of work (which is in the IT). 

Taken from Google

Since 2013, I started to do some self-study on Financial Education. This was in a sense that my money should go further beyond the banks and putting it to work the same as I do. I started buying some books one at a time and read them more than once just to make sure I get the hang of it. As of writing, I've bought more than 20 books on Personal Finance Management and Stock Trading not to mention a couple of Photography books that I've been collecting since I've started my career in IT in 2010. 

Bottomline is one should never end his quest to learn new things and be lustful to learn more things that are taught beyond the four corners of the classroom. 

Taken from Google

Till then. Never Stop Learning. 


Sunday, January 10

2016 Resolutions: To Do and To Hold

Here we are again. The start of the year and the usual, we need to at least write down some resolutions that we should try to accomplish this year.

But for me, what I usually do is instead of writing down my resolutions for the year, I write down plans to accomplish and some steps on how to make sure to complete them by the year ends.

Here's mine.

1. Keep myself employed: I've been blessed that my 3rd year of my tour of duty in one of the offices here in Makati is just around the corner. Since February 2013, there is no turning back as I was able to save more than enough not just for my future but for my family's future as well. Though I wasn't able to keep up with my blogging, I hope this year, I can compose atleast 50 original entries from various topics (I've only made six measly entries last year) while keeping myself updated with the latest trends in technology.

2. Keep on reading and learning: Last year, I was able to bought close to twenty books on personal finance and the stock market. I was able to finish reading the books whose author is locally based here, leaving the international authors that have yet to be touched. I still have around 5-6 books by Robert Kiyosaki and one by Benjamin Graham. I wanted to finish reading those books before the end of the first half of the year. I must complete this for me to gain more financial knowledge while being invested.

3. Keep on Saving and Investing: Since I started working again in 2013, I was able to save and invest a lot of money that is probably more than what I've spent during my early days of my career. I even made my own Statement of Assets and Liabilities plus a few tables to track down how much I've saved and invested. While losing money through high-risk investments are a part of the learning cycle, what I should do now is to prevent my assets from losing further especially that the Bear Market is just a few points away.

4. Keep on improving physically: This has been my problem throughout the years. While I was able to give myself a headstart on losing weight, I only end up gaining it back and what's worse is adding a few extra pounds at the end of the year and every year after. Also I need to take good care of my eyesight as well as my dentures as they say Health is Wealth.

5. Keep on Shooting: Its been a long time since I've been taking photos actively using my almost 4-year old DSLR. While its still in working condition, I know I could possible break within the year without any possible replacement except for my iPhone. As I've been using my iPhone as my back-up lightweight shooting device, nothing still beats using a bigger sensor complete with some extra settings that you can actually change and manipulate. I may consider going mirrorless and pick a camera from either Canon or try Fujifilm this time.

6. Keep on Writing and Editing: Been writing online since 2009 and being active for a couple of years until such time I had almost lost the imagination, creativity and will power to continue. due to the workload I'm happily receiving in the office and a lot of daddy duties to Marien. As Marien started to go to school, this gives me enough time to possible write more here and edit some of the old sets that I have. I was able to edit close to 15 sets within a week (I was on Vacation Leave that time) and I'm thinking on how to maximize my vacation leaves.

Till 2017 Resolutions. 


Wednesday, December 23

Swabeng Thoughts: The 2015 Stock Market, Bears on Parade and Why I Hold instead of Yield.

As the Stock Market goes on Christmas Holiday, it went up again for the 3rd straight day breaking the 7000 barrier (7,002.42 to be exact). I'd also recall that it also had a good run before the Christmas break making most of us happy with our respective gains. 

Thinking that 2015 would be the continuation of what the 2014 Bull Run had, it went on a different direction after the first 3 months. It started with PSEI at 7277 (on January 5), then it broke record after record until it reached 8127 (on April 10) gaining 11.68%. Then it went south even to as low as 6791 (on August 24). Imagine a 16.43% change (loss) from its peak to its bottom before it went sideways as of the moment. 

Even if most of the news coming out related to the Stock Market were positive, the only thing we encounter is a sell down after sell down. If you're a member of most Stock Investing/Trading Groups like TAP, Tsupitero, FTGZ, etal, you'd be able to see what I'm talking about. They sell mostly on good news. 

If you take a look at the graph below, note its climb breaking all time high after all time high. It was followed by Net Foreign Selling after Net Foreign Selling making us local investors worried. Traders would see this oppportunity to make their gains but for those who are into investing like I do, it would be a different case. 

PSEI as of December 23

If I knew it would peak on the 10th of April, I could have cashed in my profit and wait for it to bottom. But we can never exactly predict when it will bottom nor when it will peak. 

I can show you some graphs of the Stocks I'm holding so you'd be able to have an idea if I'm on a losing ground or gaining some. Take note that the graphs here are YTD (year to date) meaning from the first trading day of 2015 up to the latest. Charts are from Big Charts

1. Jollibee (JFC): This was the first stock I've bought when I was starting to invest. Jollibee is one of the stocks that is included in the PSEI and it is categorized as a Blue Chip Stock. Why did I decided to buy this stock. First, this is one of the mostly used example when being discussed in books and in online by financial experts. Second, twenty to thirty years from now when Marien would be on her own, this would still stand the test of time and maybe my daughter would have her meal there with her friends one day.

JFC as of December 23

2. Max's (MAXS): This would be my next JFC in 5-20 years time. This fast casual dining scenario may take over the fast food industry maybe in a few years time and by then, this may touch the 100 pesos/share range or even higher. 

MAXS as of December 23

3. 8990 Holding (HOUSE): I like its business model and its goal of having a zero backlog in housing by offering affordable housing to the working middle class. They already have existing projects in Cavite as well as in Angles, Pampangga and also downsouth. Imagine owning your own home for less than a million pesos compared to its other counterparts (ALI, MEG, VLL, GERI). Even I myself consider to own one unit from them someday.  

HOUSE as of December 23

4. Global Ferronickel Holdings (FNI): This is the first speculative (mining) stock that I've bought (maybe my last for the time being). Even it went downwards, I kept on averaging down (can be considered a mistake). Unless it goes FOO (Follow-On Offering) or Nickel prices worldwide recovers, its downtrend would continue. And by the time it's ready for reversal, I have more than enough cash to but at the bottom. I could have cut my losses after buying some more at 1.00 pesos/share (I'm currently at 57% loss on this stock) I don't have any plans on putting my money somewhere. But now, instead of averaging down and further deepen my losses, I'll wait for the bottom if there is one. hehe. 

FNI as of December 23

5. D & L Industries Inc (DNL): This is one of the most loved stock when I stared investing. Good thing I was able to buy at a low though this stock has been battered for the past few weeks. One of its clients include Jollibee so I'm sure this would go back up where it belongs. This stock has a makings of being included in the list of Blue Chip as it has been included in some of the Small Cap Stocks in other countries. 

DNL as of December 23

6. SSI Group Inc (SSI): It was a few weeks after its IPO when I started buying this stock. While it was promising at the first half of this year, it went sliding down towards the second half of the year making it the next FNI (as other traders would describe). My losses here is at 67% though I'm not yielding yet. Rather, I'd wait for the bottom and until all 200 Family Mart Stores to be fully operational. I forgot that this stock is responsible for Rustan's (remember Starbucks). 

SSI as of December 23

I didn't include the 7th one since it went IPO just a few months back as well as other stocks that I've used to had only to sell them to reduce my portfolio to a few names. While you'd notice most of the graphs are on a downward trend, I have one that gained just a little for the time being. 

While most traders are cutting their losses, I'd rather keep mine for now as I have a high tolerance for losses. Meaning, I might lose all 100% of my portfolio yet I won't cringe nor cry over it but I'll learn from that experience.

I wonder how 2016 would be given the upcoming 2016 Presidental Elections and what Robert Kiyosaki has predicted a 2016 crash. Oh well, I'm keeping my cash with me until then.

Saturday, October 31

FHM November 2015: Sabado Nights Trick or Treat

Most of us have been dreaming of one day, she'll heed to millions of her fans to grace the covers of FHM. A decade and a half later and with close to a dozen Hot Moms who already did pose for FHM. It's now Ina Raymundo's turn to pose. 

What a nice cover to look at and enjoy on a Saturday (but its not yet available on stores yet!). Anyway, I'll be having my own copy. Ten copies perhaps (collector's item in the next 20 years). 

Taken from FHM's FB Page


Wednesday, May 27

FHM June 2015: Dreams do come true

When I saw a video clip of Maria Ozawa that she's here in the country, a lot of her fans (me included) were thinking why she's here and for what? One thing on my mind (my friends may think the same) is that I hope she would cover on a Men's Magazine. Any would do as long she's there. 

And dreams do really come true after all. ^_^

Taken from FHM's Facebook Page

While the copy is not yet available in the market, I'll grab around 2-3 copies for safekeeping. I hope they would release them by June 1st. ^_^

And who cares if they're photoshopped heavily or not. That's Maria Ozawa were talking about here boys and girls. 

Till then. 


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